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Learning the piano is like learning the most beautiful language on earth. It's an instrument that speaks to us and allows us to speak through it in unimaginable ways.


Join the private studio of Alexandre Marr with lessons offered in downtown Akron and in Pepper Pike. Each studio is equipped with Steinway and Yamaha grand pianos. With over 15 years of teaching experience, lessons incorporate ear training, music theory, improvisation, and performance practices. Students of all ages and skill levels are welcome to study in weekly lessons and participate in biannual recitals.

*Weekly Lesson Rates

30 Minutes


45 Minutes


60 Minutes


*Note that lessons prices are subject to change and represent studio or remote lessons only. Please inquire for in-home lesson rates.

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"Alex is a phenomenal piano teacher for my children! He is engaging and energetic, which draws them into a love for the piano. He is kind and encouraging when they aren't feeling confident, and celebrates their achievements when they play something well. Alex is an incredible pianist and the kids love watching him perform. His love for the piano shines through him and inspires the kids week after week – they always leave their lessons feeling confident and proud. We can't recommend him enough as a piano teacher and musician!" –Melanie

"Alexandre Marr is a true blessing to the musical journey our daughters are traveling. His authentic talent, knowledge, patience and ability to communicate to his students sets him apart from any other teacher we have worked with. Our oldest daughter, now age 12, has studied under Alex since 2019 and has made incredible progress. Through his gentle and effective teaching techniques, he has provided opportunities for her to participate in numerous recitals, talent shows and other events. Our youngest daughter began studying with Marr at the start of the pandemic (then 5 1/2, now 8 1/2) and continues to remain engaged and excited for her lessons. She is well on her way to gaining confidence and insight as a musician thanks to her wonderful weekly instruction.  Alex's passion and love of music (and sharing it with his students and those around him) is infectious and uplifting. His positive, enthusiastic attitude makes learning fun! Alex has taught our girls to take accountability for the time and effort they put into their practice and has shown them that through hard work - they can do great things! Alex has become a part of our family and we just adore him!" –Marcella

"I have been a piano player most of my life, but stopped taking lessons when I was a teenager. I never learned the techniques that would have continued to improve my playing. Alex immediately changed the musicality of my playing, and how I approach everything I play. He applies technical, artistic, even abstract strategies to musical interpretation. Pieces that I’ve been playing for decades have completely changed for the better. Having worked with Alex in other capacities, he is a leader that brings out the best in people. In the individual setting, he pushes me to do what he knows I can achieve. I am motivated to do my best as I practice for my next lesson. I am playing pieces that I may have never chosen for myself, and love every single one. Alex will make any student grow as a musician and fall even more in love with the instrument." –Kathy

"Not only is Alexandre a great pianist, he is a wonderful teacher and great with my kids! My daughter has flourished since beginning lessons, looking forward to what the future holds for us!" –Danyelle

"Amazing, phenomenal, energetic, patient! I cannot explain how great Alex is! My boys have been playing piano since they were around 5 and have had several other teachers throughout the years. But once we started working with Alex, I knew we found the best! With his teaching, they have progressed so much further than I ever imagined. My oldest has a natural talent with the piano and Alex has been able to tune into his needs to encourage him to grow. My youngest enjoys playing, but needs a bit more instruction and direction and Alex has been able to adjust to his needs without the blink of an eye. Not only has he been a great teacher, he also is an amazing pianist himself and loves to jump on during lessons to encourage the boys! You can tell that the piano is in his heart and soul. Can't wait to see what the boys will be doing in a couple of years and to compare where they started and where they'll be!" –Yza

"Alex started teaching my son at age 5. We've only been at it for a year, but I'm so impressed with Alex's ability to communicate and connect with my son's style and age of learning. Alex never misses a beat, accommodates all my son's questions (and there are a lot!), breaks things down in such easy to understand yet interesting ways, and has made the learning process for both my son and I fun. That's the best part for us - it's FUN learning. Within 3 months Alex had my son ready for his 1st recital, and he supported my son through every step of the nervous event. It was clear to me that night that Alex truly cares for his students; his deep rapport and honest desire to share music with others is genuine. I've worked with people who have a passion for a subject yet aren't able to effectively teach. I've worked with others who have a love for teaching but aren't able to break their topic down for the audience in front of them. Alex is exceptionally gifted in both areas. Honestly, I feel so lucky we found him and recommend him to anyone wishing to study and learn from an accomplished and enthusiastic artist." –Maureen

"Truly the greatest piano teacher of all time… Alex has been such a wonderful encouragement to my son in helping him realize his love for the piano! While he’s only been playing for the past 6 months, it’s been amazing to see how quickly my son is learning and progressing while adapting to Alex’s teaching. Alex is always so energetic and encouraging and makes every session so enjoyable with his outgoing personality and kindness, always smiling and so eager to see his students learn! I couldn’t be happier as a parent to see my son actually want to practice so he can show Alex at his next lesson the new skill he’s learned! What a blessing he’s been and so thankful to have Alexandre Marr as a teacher and motivator for my son, his passion for creating music is truly inspiring!" –Gretchen

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