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Fall 2023 Studio Recital & AMI Kickoff

What a night!!!!! SO proud of my 31 students who played SO beautifully last night after months of hard work. Thank you to my besties and now colleagues Maude Cloutier and Brendon Phelps for playing alongside some the kiddos in their first ever chamber performances! This program marked our first official Akron Music Institute recital and included 4 additional students from the studios of Philip Anderson and Kathy Sees!

One of the absolute highlights was our first annual Ear Training Olympics! I have always felt strongly about including consistent ear training in lessons, and a little competition is always fun  We had a beginner round with only intervals and then an advanced round with intervals, triads, scales, and 7th chords. Students worked their way across the room, taking a step towards the FABULOUS prize table with every right answer. Congratulations to Arthur Gaton, 1st place winner of the advanced division (after a sudden death head to head tie breaker with Tom Morrell), and Jocelyn Day, 1st place winner of the beginner division. Each went home with a $100 Visa gift card! Congrats to all our winners below:

Beginner Round

Jocelyn Day – 1st place $100

Elijah Brownstein – 2nd place $50

Sophia Petry – 3rd place $25

Advanced Round

Arthur Gaton – 1st place $100

Tom Morrell – 2nd place $50

Sierra Blakey – 3rd place $25

A very special thank you to Dominic Iudiciani, Tyler Ring, and Colleen Teresi for dealing with my insanity and helping me set all of this up.


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