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12 Sacred Improvisations

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

As Music Director at Church Of The Western Reserve, I have been recordings preludes for each virtual service every week since the start of the pandemic. Some of these pieces were completely free improvisations on well-known sacred tunes that kind of just came to me in the moment.

As a capstone to my own COVID experience, I’ve compiled these 12 original improvisations from the last year and published them on YouTube as “12 SACRED IMPROVISATIONS.” The video below is the 6th piece in the set, but all 12 can be found here in order:

Sacred music has been such a huge part of my musical identity, and it feels right to be contributing something new to this body of repertoire. Creating these pieces really made clear to me my own language on the piano. Look for the published, printed sheet music of this set in the near future - friends with music publishing experience, make yourselves known!


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